What to do on examination day


On the day of exam make sure that you rise early, get ready, collect essential items and reach examination hall well before time. Do not puzzle yourself at this stage by discussing anything with friends. Visit the restroom, drink water, and remain peaceful. Enter the examination hall ten minutes before schedule time. Once you enter find your desk and settle down. Write your name or roll number on the answer sheet. Make certain it is clear and legible. Check your details once again. Do not start answering the question paper the moment it is handed over to you. It is true that you have limited time at your disposal and every minute counts. But the time spent reading and understanding the question paper is worth five minutes you need for it. More marks may be lost through wrong reading or interpretation o f the questions than through any other cause. As you read the question paper, if you think it is easy, do not get excited. If you think it is difficult, do not get baffled. Keep your calm. As you read through, plan your strategy. How many questions are there on the paper? How many of these are to be answered? Do not choose in hurry. Think about it. What would be in your favour?  How much time is required to answer each question? Examiners have their own ways of drafting questions. It is for you to understand what the examiner really demands through the question. This is possible only when you read and understand the questions correctly. Once you have understood what the examiner desires, you can start writing answers. Use most appropriate words in your best handwriting, your writing skills are on test. Keep an eye on your watch. When you have completed the answer paper, recheck it for errors and omissions. Careless mistakes account for the loss of a lot of marks. Check and recheck. If corrections have to be required, do it neatly. Only when you are convinced that you have put your best efforts in answering the question paper should you hand over the paper to examiner.


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