How to Improve Concentration


Concentration is an important aspect of studying. If you concentrate, you can focus on what you need to do and get rid of outside distractions. In order to concentrate better, make study routine. Know what time of day is best for what kind of studying. When you study, go ahead and focus your mind on the subject at hand. Don’t study one topic for hours. Vary the routine and the subject matter. By studying a part and allowing the information to digest, you may understand better. You must put some breaks in lengthened study time. There are many memorization techniques which help in concentrating in studying. One memory technique is to put what you to remember in a certain location and walk to it. Keywords are another good memorization means. Another tool is to put an image with a keyword in an effort to remember it. One strategy is using acronyms. Acronym is a combination of letters that represent words that need to be remembered. An acrostic is a sentence or rhyme that has a first letter cue for you to remember. Often people use lists to memorize. Generally the students report problem in concentrating on their studies. Most of these students blame outside distractions for their problems.
 Many researchers have found that distracters don’t cause concentration problems directly; it is the way the distracters are interpreted by the students that disrupts their study. Here are some good tips to keep your concentration intact-
1 Set study goals before you begin each phase of study.( number of pages, number of problems)
2 Initially start with short study periods and build to longer periods only as fast as you maintain concentration.
3 Plan the length of your study time by the amount of material you have decided to cover, not by the clock.
4 Keep a pad of paper handy to note down extraneous thoughts that cross your mind while studying ,get them out of your mind and on to the paper.


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