Key to the Success

Who does not like success? Everyone wants to be successful. But success does not come just for the asking. One has to work for it. The first step to achieve success is self discipline. Our universe functions on the basis of discipline laid by the God. Climate changes come and go in a definite cycle. Plants and animals respond to the changes in a systematic disciplined way year after year. Life in this universe is surviving for centuries of years because of this discipline. Humans are no exception. Every human has some strengths and weaknesses. We can take steps to transform our weaknesses into strengths .This can be done by enforcing strict discipline in us. We should try to convert these weaknesses into strengths. Self discipline is the first step in the direction of success. Nobody is born learned. Everyone needs to learn. We must fix a goal. To achieve goal, we have to follow a path which will take us to our goal. We should make all our efforts honestly to get the goal. Disappointments and failure should not act as deterrent to you but lessons should be learned from them. So self discipline and understanding your weakness and strengths is the first step towards success .Fix a goal and select the correct direction to achieve it. Nobody knows everything .A time bound systematic approach to goal helps one to succeed

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