Dont waste your energy in pleasing & satisfying

Dont waste your energy in pleasing & satisfying others
Some people make herculean efforts to please and satisfy other people end up being a frustrated lot when in the long run they find that all efforts have gone futile and nobody has really been satisfied.In fact proceeding in such type of mission is like making a fool of oneself because the truth is that what to say of all, you can't satisfy even a single person. The reason being that everything is a bundle of countless expectations and desires and it is impossible to satisfy, it is only yourself and not anybody else.In a similar way any other person can be satisfied only by himself and not by anybody else.
So don't waste time and energy unnecessarily in trying to make people pleased and happy. Trying always lead to tension. Happiness is a natural and effortless state of mind.Happiness can't be given or transmitted to others by force. When your mind is calm and quite and free from all negative emotions, you can automatically experience happiness. Happiness is not a object which can be given to somebody. It is a feeling which one has to experience within himself. The greatest contribution you can make in making other people happy is that you first make yourself happy and cheerful so that vibrations emitted by you induce a similar state in others.

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