Self Satisfaction before Satisfaction of Others

Many people live a lifestyle which is primarily aimed at impressing and satisfying others. They give more importance to what people think about them than what they think about themselves. This is one of the main reasons for frustrations in life.  Kindly note that it is more important for you as to what you think about yourselves than what other think. You self analysis about you is much more important . Nobody knows you better than yourself. Hence don’t get straightway by the judgement or opinion of others about you whether it be your praise or criticism. Weigh them with your intellect and whatever you consider appropriate, only accept those. Other people’s judgement about you is not necessarily a correct one because it is according to their mental biases. Only an enlightened person who has remained very close to you can give a correct judgement about you. Always be in your natural state with simple and decent life style irrespective of what others think about you and don’t try to artificially influence people. Trying to pretend what you are not is one of the greatest source of stress.

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