How to Win in Job Interviews

The first impression is important for all type of interviews. If you get a good start in the interview half the battle is won. It is an added point when you appear healthy, well groomed and neatly dressed. The interviewer can judge this by the way you walk, your posture, the way you talk and the way you sit or stoop. The tone, clarity and loudness with which you speak will also be important while answering questions.
Points to remember
1 Don’t speak too fast.
2 Don’t speak too softly so that interviewers find it difficult to hear.
3 Don’t vary your tone artificially to sound pleasant.
After the initial impression, interviewers focus shifts to other aspects such as education, intelligence, experience etc. Interviewers have all the records before them still they would like to recall your knowledge about the subjects you covered to start the interview. If the job requires technical or specialized skills then questioning may be deeper and more exhaustive.
To determine your level of intelligence, interviewer may discuss politics or sports to judge your awareness. Their focus remains how you give the answers to them. Progress made by you in the past career is a thing of interest to the interviewers. Interviewers give lot of weight age to the past experience. If you just come out of these college, then anything done on a part time basis or holiday assignment becomes vital. After these things, interviewers are keen to know your attitude. This is done by putting indirect questions. They are more interested how the jobseeker talks about the previous employment, their family about earlier bosses. If you speak badly, it will be taken as aggressive attitude. So never say badly even if it is true. Candidate’s integrity and honesty are other points for
They cannot ask directly whether they are honest. Everyone would answer yes they are. They may ask for the low grades in studies or why did left your last job without having another job in your hand, answers them honestly no matter how unfavorable they may be. Motivation and commitment towards the job are other points interviewers look before giving the job.
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