How to use preparatory leave

Preparatory leave is the time to revise all that you learnt. Note down the dates and precise time when the exams are scheduled. Put the list at a prominent place. For each subject, check that the syllabus has been fully covered. Have textbooks and notes ready subject wise. Evaluate your own preparedness for each subject. Do you need an equal amount of study for each subject? Or is extra effort required for some subject?
Since this time is to be utilized totally for revising your learning on the subjects, you will need a new schedule of study. Do not study one subject for long periods. Do not allow tension to build up. Do not treat this period as do-or-die situation. Lead a normal life. Only the additional time at your disposal is to be used for study at home. It is very important that when you appear for the exams you are relaxed and confident. Do not confuse yourself with additional books but keep focus on the notes you have prepared.
Do include lot of writing work daily. If you do not write during this period before exams you will find it difficult on exam day..Last two-three days should be exclusively used to revise the subject of the first exam. Go to bed early before the exam day so that you can wake earlier the next morning. If you want a quick revision, check your notes only and do not look through your text books. Hour before exams do nothing. If you feel tense, breathe deeply to relax yourself.
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