Preparation for Interview

 Interview preparations and checklist.

Some common questions an interviewer might ask and which you should have the answers to:

Family Background

1 What does your father do for living and do your mother has a job as well?

2 In what places have you stayed? Which places did you like most? Which you didn’t not like and why?

3 Are you planning to get married and when?



1 Why did you change schools and why did you go to X college?

2 Why did you choose these subjects?

3 What extracurricular activities did you participated at college?

4 How your qualifications will help you in the job are applying for?

5 Which subjects did you like most?


Work Experience

1 Why did you take up this kind of job?

2 Why did you left previous jobs?

3 What was major contribution to your company.

4 What are the problems you faced in your company?

5 Why are you looking for a job change?

6 Why do you think you are suitable for this position?


1 How do you judge the progress you have made so far?

2 What are your aspirations?

3 Where do you expect to go in the next five years?

4 What do you know about this organisation?

5 List one failure and one achievement in your previous job.

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