Careers In Foreign Languages in India

By self

Foreign languages offer interesting and challenging career opportunities. Previously learning of foreign languages was considered as seasonal vocational activity. Now a day’s knowledge of foreign languages has come a long way in creating job options in translating, interpreter or in teaching. Career opportunities in the field of foreign languages are directly linked to the interaction and communication, both written and verbal between people of different nations, using different languages. Mainly it is because of expanding trading links between more and more countries as well as growth in the international tourism, sports and cultural activities that such interaction is on the upward swing. In addition, the globalization of the economy has given rise to the number multinational companies coming out to India which indicates bright future for those who want to build up their career in foreign language. While BPO industry flourished it opened the doors for language professionals particularly, those with spoken and written knowledge of German, French and Spanish. Similarly, the emergence of China as a great economic power has increased the demand for Chinese language professionals.

Those who are proficient in a foreign language get better career opportunities in the area of management, tourism, hospitality industry, airlines especially because of globalization of economy. Prominent languages which command jobs for those proficient in foreign languages are: German, French, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish and Korean. With the arrival of large number of MNCs the work of correspondence, documentation and reports are to be translated from one language to another. Then there are jobs for tour operators, online content writers, technical translators or decoders, interpreters and translators

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