Practice with Sample Papers

No need to say that student should have maximum concentration while writing examination. To keep concentration it’s important that student does not panic on seeing the question papers. While taking the exam, read all the questions carefully and make a rough plan of which questions is to be attempted first. It should be in order of easier first to difficult one later.  So you should be well prepared before going for the examination to escape panic sort of situation. Try to solve as many sample papers as you can, as this will help in building confidence. Do lot of practice. Practice makes a man perfect. Take the case of math as it is a subject feared by many. Even a mistake of point or decimal will make your answer incorrect. Practice of solving the sample papers will help you to identify common mistakes made by you. Check your preparedness by solving sample papers. One should be very careful in reading and understanding the question. Never devote much time to questions which you feel are difficult. Try such questions when you are through with all other questions.

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