Best career options are available after MBA

MBA is really buzz word in the world of careers today. It has surpassed several other popular career options including the IT.MBA has its attraction both on account of its demand and compensation packages it offers in India and abroad. Where ever management and administration is involved, there is need for efficient managers. The craze and need for trained managers has led to the recent development that B Schools are ready to customise programmes according to the need of the industries whether it is banking, IT or any other industry. The growing number of management institutes in the country bears an authentication to the fact that management is one of the top careers. During the past few years, the number of students choosing career in Management has recorded an unprecedented increase. An MBA is dynamic qualification. It provides a person with a ability to understand the gradation of business and the dynamics involved in it. It is internationally post graduate academic course. There are several sub branches giving specialisation in different fields such as Finance, Marketing, Production, Retail, Supply Chain, Sales etc.

Finance Management includes all the aspects relation to finances, investments, financial decisions, portfolio management, project management, working capital management etc.

Marketing Management includes advertising, marketing strategy, materials management, consumer’s behaviour, market development and research.

Production Management takes care of production methodology, costing, operations and quality control etc.

Personnel management is related to Human Resources Development, recruitments, training, personnel policies, and organisational behaviour, general administration and welfare  and facilities of staff etc.

Generally there are two types of MBAs, first which admits graduates; fresh out of college who are yet to embark on their career the other admits professionals with work experience. These experienced people who could not or did not pursue an MBA before working and would now like to upgrade their existing career fortified with the degree.

Retail Chain management is a relatively new course but booming retail business all over the country has given many career options in this field and there is sudden rush for this stream looking at the career avenues available.

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