How to prepare for CAT2014

Cracking the CAT requires rigorous preparation and consistent hard work. You are required to demonstrate your competence in all the section of the test. There is no fixed formula to ace it. However   a combination of strategy, planning and implementation would help to score well in the test. Lack of concentration is what most of us suffer while preparing for any competitive examination The best way is start reading good books, novels or magazines of your choice. The simple exercise will definitely increase your hours of study. Slowly and steadily one should move on to the specialised subjects. Four sections in the management test are :

(A) Quantitative Aptitude: This section can be divided into 4 main parts:-

Part 1-   This contains Simple Arithmetic problems of profit & loss, percentages, ratio, partnership etc. Such problems involve simple calculations.

Part 2- This contains question related to Geometry and Menstruations. Maximum number of questions comes from here.

Part 3- This part contains questions of Algebra mainly Indices, Logs and Surds, Quadratic Equations, Special Equations and Inequalities etc.

Part 4- This contains questions of Pure Maths like permutations and Combinations, Functions and Graphs, Number Systems Coordinate Geometry.

(B) (i)Data Interpretation –It is usually referred as DI and is comparatively a tricky but an easy section. It is the technique of interpreting the given data either in the form of tables or in the form of diagrams or charts. The technique requires the ability to reason with numbers given in the tables and diagrams containing theses numbers. For the preparation of this section, one has to know-Quick calculation techniques and must remember tables up to 20.He should be expert in solving problems of fractions, cubes and squares of numbers. Moreover he should also learn the speed multiplication and division techniques. Once you develop command over these areas you can start taking tests by different types of DI sets.

(ii)Data Sufficiency- Problems of this section are usually given in the form of a question followed by two statements. The trick to crack is: Pretend that only one statement is given and try to solve the problem. Then take other statement & try to solve the problem again. These problems are generally tricky, so lot of practice is required.

(iii) Logical Reasoning –This is comparatively difficult section. The best way to for doing well in this section is practice, practice and more practice. Apart from your regular study materials also solve puzzle books and puzzles from newspapers regularly.

(C) Verbal Ability – This section tests the aspirant’s control on English Language. This test aims at determining the candidates’ understanding of English language. Usually a paragraph is given and the candidate is required to go through it carefully and then answers the questions by choosing the right one. To attempt this part speedily and correctly, one should practice reading with quick speed and understating the entire passage. Answers to most of the questions can be easily located within the passage.

(D) General Awareness – This part aims at judging the general knowledge of the candidates. The candidate should have basic knowledge of Science, Geography, History, Economics, Current Affairs, Politics etc .A good knowledge of all branches of general knowledge is essential. This can be achieved by reading newspapers, books, that will keep the aspirant updated with the happenings around the world.


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