Careers in Engineering and Technology

In today’s fast developing technology, growing industrialisation and modernisation, engineering holds a prominent place as few other professions do. Engineering is and will continue to remain one of the prospective professions. Unlike many other areas, Engineering requires special kind of interest and aptitude to be successful. Who is an engineer? You may say” One who designs or makes engines or machinery: professional who manages a ship’ engine: one who constructs or designs public works such as roads, railways, sewers, bridges, harbours, canals.

There are several branches of engineering such as aeronautical/ aero scope, agricultural, ceramic, chemical and civil, computer science and engineering, electrical, communication engineering, energy engineering, physics, instrumentation engineering, manufacturing science and mechanical engineering, metallurgical engineering, mining engineering, naval architecture, textile technology and industrial engineering.

Engineering graduates also find lucrative placements at managerial level after doing MBA . The number of engineering graduates passing IAS examination too has gone up. Of course, setting up your own industrial ventures is feasible once you complete your education in engineering. Special facilities are available for the young engineer entrepreneurs as well.

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