Make career in Fashion Designing

Fashion hardly needs any introduction .Realizing the ever increasing   demand and vast possibilities it offers, scores of people have been drawn to fashion world. Fashion technology comprises a vast field of studies in design, concept management, design production management, quality control, planning, textile science, fabric designing, fashion accessory designs, fashion merchandising, fashion image presentation, print, apparel  grading, sewing machine operation, global trading practices, color mixing, design elements and principles.

 What does fashion designing includes? It is just designing a dress. This is a very common misconception because fashion designing is a lot more than just a dress designing. It requires an imaginative mind-a mind that is creative. It demands that the artist in you should have aptitude to put your dreams on papers. It demands a practical person, someone who not only understands the needs of the clients but is observant enough to see the current trends and is sharp enough to predict future trends.

A fashion designing is a very creative person whose flight of imagination makes him conceive new designs of clothing and accessories. Fashion designer creates designs for almost anything which is part of the garment for men, women and children. Fashion designer creates garments and accessories so as to make them functional as well as attractive. Fashion designer not only designs but also supervises the workmen staff. The job is high paced and requires a lot of running around for market research and then making a mental notes connected to the future trends  which requires technical capability.

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