Why People Fail in Job Interviews.


Here are some common but major errors candidates make in the Interview. Be careful and don’t do any such thing:
1. Reaching late for the interview.
2 Look messy and improperly dressed.
3 Adapt a bad posture and slump in the seat.
4 Be uninformed about the organization interviewing you.
5 Fail to make a good eye contact with interviewer without trying to stare the interviewer down.
6 In your presentation, fail to make a connection between your skills and requirement of the company.
7 Speak of many accomplishments but fail to provide any quantified evidence of your achievements.
8 Answer  questions in a distracted, confused and incoherent manner.
9 Remain uninspiring and display no enthusiasm for the job.
10 Appear desperate for the job.
 11.Answer most questions with simple “yes” and ”no” without elaboration, explanation and examples required to carry conviction.
12 Give obviously memorized responses, stopping often and forgetting parts of what you want to say.
13 Malign your current or former employer and bosses.
14 When asked:” Do you have any questions?”reply “No”







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