Preparations before Exams


The best way to excel in exams is to prepare well in advance. You need to go ahead and study some every day. Don’t get so behind that you have to read the entire book before exam day. Studying every day during the year will make a huge difference. Ensure that you have a good grasp of everything you read. If there is something you do not understand, don’t ignore it, and go to the depth of it unless you completely understand it. Make brief notes of each subject you find difficult as you go along and if you find particularly good ways of doing things note them down so that they are not forgotten when it comes to revision. In the build up to exams and during exam period itself it is important that you are fresh and awake as it prevents you from making silly mistakes and allows you concentrate better, both on your revision and during the exam itself. You must make revision timetable before few weeks of exams, it should be realistic and achievable, stick to it. Do not revise for long spell periods in one go, remember to schedule breaks, perhaps after every one hour. Remember to take exercises as well: healthy body, healthy mind. When you have finished revising, review and commit to memory as much as you can from the notes you have just taken. Getting plenty of rest the day before the exam will keep your mind sharp so go to bed early the night before an exam. Take a seat five or 10 minutes before the exam starts to allow you time to relax and get your mind prepared for the challenge ahead. Read the instructions of the exam carefully and review the entire question paper carefully. Answer what you know first and then come back to more difficult questions. Be sure to answer all to answer all the questions. Check before handing over the answer sheet to ensure all questions are answered and to check the silly mistakes.


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