How to overcome exam tension


The cause of exam tension in most cases is the gap between expectations and achievements. Keep your expectations at a moderate level. Exams are not the be-all and end-all-of life. There will always be an anxiety to perform better than the rest at every examination. This can have a paralyzing effect on your performance. The best way to get out of this anxiety is to take things easy. Keep your dinner light the night before the examination and go to bed early to get a sound sleep. Your brain needs sound sleep in order to perform well next morning. Try to focus on what you know rather than panicking about what you do not know. Reach early in the examination centre and relax yourself just before you get the question paper because many students tend to have a faster heartbeat at this particular moment. Remind yourself that the happiness of entire life does not depend on the outcome of this exam. Relax, breathe steadily at regular intervals. If you have a religious mindset, you can pray just before entering the examination hall or before getting the question paper. It will help you to relax.
Read the question paper slowly and carefully. Don’t rush through it. Start answering the paper with the question you can answer best. Not only it will ease some tension but also the examiner will have a good impression about you while checking answers in the beginning itself.


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