Success Tips

Self Satisfaction before Satisfaction of Others

Many people live a lifestyle which is primarily aimed at impressing and satisfying others. They give more importance to what... Read more

Dont waste your energy in pleasing & satisfying

Dont waste your energy in pleasing & satisfying others Some people make herculean efforts to please and satisfy other people end... Read more

Key to the Success

Who does not like success? Everyone wants to be successful. But success does not come just for the asking. One... Read more

Great Attitude Quotes

  All great men come out of the middle class. To do nothing is the way to be nothing. Nothing will work unless... Read more

How to Improve Concentration

  Concentration is an important aspect of studying. If you concentrate, you can focus on what you need to do and... Read more

What to do on examination day

  On the day of exam make sure that you rise early, get ready, collect essential items and reach examination hall... Read more

How to overcome exam tension

  The cause of exam tension in most cases is the gap between expectations and achievements. Keep your expectations at a... Read more

Preparations before Exams

  The best way to excel in exams is to prepare well in advance. You need to go ahead and study... Read more


  1. Don’t start living tomorrow, tomorrow never comes. Start working on your dreams and goals today.     Unknown Author            2. People... Read more

Inspiring Thoughts

  It is better to be poor than to be dishonest. Labour conquers everything. Our praises is our wages. Follow no one but learn... Read more