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Practice with Sample Papers

No need to say that student should have maximum concentration while writing examination. To keep concentration it’s important that student does... Read more

MBA Entrance Tests In India

There are several prominent tests being held for admission to the important B Schools. These tests are held on different... Read more

Careers In Foreign Languages in India

Foreign languages offer interesting and challenging career opportunities. Previously learning of foreign languages was considered as seasonal vocational activity. Now... Read more

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Scholorship Available for Graduation from Govt.

There are various schemes of scholarships by Government Organizations as well as by Trusts etc.- Scholarships by Govt. Organizations 1 KISHORE VIGYANIK... Read more

JOB INTERVIEW-General Interview Questions

JOB INTERVIEW A call for interview means that you are one of the right person company is looking for the job.... Read more

Preparation for Interview

 Interview preparations and checklist. Some common questions an interviewer might ask and which you should have the answers to: Family Background 1 What... Read more

List of B-Schools in India accepting GMAT score

  Amity Business School   Noida   Apex Institute of Management  Jaipur   Bangalore Institute of Management Studies Bangalore   Fore School of Management New Delhi   Great lake Institute of Management Chennai   Icfai Business... Read more

How to use preparatory leave

Preparatory leave is the time to revise all that you learnt. Note down the dates and precise time when the... Read more

Good Group Discussion - Tips

What is Group Discussion(G.D.)- Group discussion is a tool being used nowadays along with personal interviews for the final selection of the candidate.... Read more


BE CONFIDENT-If you have prepared well for exams, be sure that you will do well. Do not worry unnecessarily. If you... Read more